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Training Costs

No Monthly Training Fees

Private Lessons  $90 / hour

Personal Training :  Fighters Physique

  • 30 min session   $45.00
  • 1 hour session   $90.00

All students ( Juniors and Seniors ) $22 per lesson

Yearly Fees

Yearly Membership Fee

  • Senior students $ 80
  • Junior students $ 50

The yearly membership fee goes towards expenses incurred within the school.
Some of the areas this registration goes towards are:

  • Public Liability insurance for the school.
  • Membership and affiliations with organisations such as the Australian Kung Fu and Wushu Federation (AKWF)
  • Domain name registration and web hosting.
  • Purchase and maintenance of training equipment.
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as handouts etc.

Costs for respective grading are set and vary with each level and can be identified by speaking with Sifu.

For more information call Sifu Jim Wilkinson 0448 865 124