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Personal Training

Fighter’s Physique Program

The physique of a fighter represents a body that is capable of strength, power, flexibility, endurance, balance, co-ordination , fast reflexes and precision . A fighter’s body takes on these attributes in response to the tasks asked of it in training . The pedigree of the programs we offer comes from a combat foundation so you will not only get fit but add to your self- defense capabilities at the same time.

Our Personal Training Program differs from our private lessons in that the focus is more on improving your overall fitness and achieving your firming , toning and weight loss goals. We start by listening to you and through that identifying your goals . We then design a starting program to give you the client, the best results in the shortest amount of time. It’s that simple. If you suffer from a pressurized lifestyle we can even include meditation , chi gong work and relaxation techniques into your program . The sessions vary from 30 minutes to 1 hr sessions, one-on-one, with a strength training focus that will give you an all-over workout which is tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals.

Fighters Physique – 30 min session $35.00

Fighters Physique – 1 hour session   $70.00

What are the benefits?

Every six weeks, you will be provided with a new unit in your program so that you get the variety you need for an effective workout over time – this help you nullify boredom . So that we don’t waste time, your session will be designed to incorporate exercises that use multiple muscles at once, giving you more of a workout for your time and money. I will

  • Sessions times are negotiated with you to suit your hectic lifestyle
  • Train at your home , our purpose built studio or local park
  • Listen to you and your goals
  • Develop a personal training program to achieve your goals in a safe environment
  • Continue to encourage and motivate you through creative and fun exercise programming

Get the results you want!

The personal trainer’s job is to push you more than you would yourself – but between you and I, you’ll determine how much you want to be pushed. Just remember: the harder you work out, the better the results.


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