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Yin Path and Yang Path Curriculum

The Yin Yang Nature of Kung Fu

Paths to learning :

The concept of Yin and Yang (Ying and Yang is a common mistaken usage of the term) lies at the heart of Chinese philosphy and martial arts. It is the recognition of the complementary opposites, such as male / female : black / white : action/reaction amd countless other relationships that exists in the universe and represents the constant tension and balance that not only holds the planets and galaxies together but also holds a healthy and well balanced human being together .

Here at Australian Hung Kuen Kung Fu we try to apply the basic tenants of Yin and Yang in all aspects of our lives. It is perhaps one of the hardest disciplines to follow . To be able to punch harder than your class mates or to perform the most kicks per unit time , though impressive in its own right is not the pinnacle of Kung Fu . To be able to achieve such feats while also having the mental, emotional , and spiritual growth in concert with this is the aim of what we do .

A student in our school can follow 3 paths a) Yin Path b) Yang Path or c) Combination . The path followed by a student has nothing to do with the sex of the student but everything to do with the nature of their spirit.

A ) Yin Path is the soft and flexible nature of Kung Fu . This path is followed by a student who wishes to learn traditional Kung Fu with no need to test one’s self in gradings. The rigorous and hard requirements of gradings and the awarding of sashes as a student progresses through their mastery of the curriculum is not a feature of this path followed. This path still teaches the students traditional Kung Fu but very much in keeping with students life circumstances and needs at the time and may be facilitated in the form of private lessons or attendance within normal classes.

B ) Yang Path is the hard nature of Kung Fu and incorporates the rigors and expectations that accompany gradings and progression through the Yang curriculum . Traditional methods of conditioning the fingers, palms , fore arms and legs are part of this rite of passage as well as emphasis on body strength through an increasing regime of push ups, sit ups , San Da and San Shou ( sparring ). Within the Yang path acquirement of knowledge needs to be accompanied by the application of it.

C ) Combination path is where a student utilises private lessons to tailor more specifically their learning needs and areas of interest while also attending normal classes. The use of private lessons is often used to maintain their learning in Kung Fu when life , work or family commitments makes attendance at regular classes impossible.


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