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Women in Kung Fu

Looking for a new generation of Women Martial Artists

Kung Fu in its early origins evolved as an important instrument through which an individual could discover one’s self through physical , emotional , mental and spritual training. The Hung Kuen tradition recognises the importance of this and the inclusion of both sexes in its history. One of the masters of the Hung Kuen family lineage is a magnificent lady called Mok Gwei Lan. You can read about her life in our lineage section.

If one truly believes the importance of martial arts as a vehicle of self discovery and insight how is it possible to exclude half the population based soley on their sex.

Female warriors and heroines still exists today. In today’s society, there are more opportunities for woman to achieve their full potential. There are not barriers to education or limits to their professional careers that might have hindered their gender in the past.

Kung Fu offers women a means of training of body, the mind and the spirit. The body is healthier through increased activity. The mind is more peaceful because you can be more self-confident of your abilities and limits. Enlightenment is achieved through quiet contemplation of your own self. Chinese martial arts are an unique form of activity in that it combines all three elements. This importance of this activity was recognized by heroines in the past and can still play an important role for the heroines of the future.

We at Australian Hung Kuen Kung Fu firmly believe that women of all ages can benefit from proper training in the Chinese Martial Arts. It is not only the pursuit of worthwhile physical activity but there are also enjoyable social benefits to be had. With post grading Yum Cha’s each student has the chance to experience cultural aspects of Kung Fu.

Girls enrolled in our school benefit from a structured training program that provides them with increased core body strength , good posture and flexibility. The development of good self esteem and self confidence are the results of a respect for one’s body that lies at the heart of what we teach in Hung Kuen .

Mature women have the opportunity to take their self defense to what ever limits they wish and to train in weapons and engage in conditioning as part of a traditional curriculum.

At Australian Hung Kuen Kung Fu we have Ladies only classes and Mixed Adult classes with both male and female accredited instructors !

Pictured above is Sifu Jim Wilkinson ( middle ) with his Kung Fu Uncle Master Li Chan Wo ( right ) who is the God Son / Inheritor of Hung Kuen Master Mok Gwei Lan.

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